Self portrait in Lavender Blue

"Caroline Mae Couture came about when I decided I needed interesting headpieces to photograph for fashion editorials. The feedback I received was absolutely amazing and started getting requests for custom pieces. Now I create floral headpieces for various events like weddings, music festivals, the races, and high fashion photoshoots. Each piece I make is a unique wearable piece of art. I couldn't duplicate it if I tried. I use flexible wire that I twist and turn to match my mood until it paves it's way into inspiration. I like to think that originality and art are not lost in this world of easy consumerism and that people out there still appreciate and cherish original design."

Caroline is the owner and creator of Caroline Mae Couture. She's 28 and currently traveling the world as a figure skater on cruise ships while also maintaining this business and pursuing a career in fashion photography.